About us
About the Company


We are a company founded in the year of 1986 in Miami city, FL. We are dedicated to the preparation and distribution of ready-to-eat foods that are required by companies, institutions wishing to cover special occasions, periodic events or simply for consumption on a regular basis.

Our company has the authorization of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the elaboration of food for human consumption, since our processes of production, packaging and distribution are correctly adapted to the hygiene and quality requirements for these cases.

All the food that we currently offer to our customers are prepared in the facilities of our industrial plant. We have always the commitment to use fresh products, to elaborate the menus in daily form, without dyes or the use of additives that affect the health of our consumers.
Our Values



We respond promptly and on time to the demands of our customers interested in buying prepared meals of high quality and reliability.


We complete all our deliveries on time. It is part of our discipline to comply with the deadlines assumed in all commitments.


We speak and act frankly. It's a feature that allows us to create and keep long-term business relationships with all our customers.


We always use fresh products, make the menus on a daily basis, without dyes or use any chemical preservation additive.
Why Us?


There are many reasons to choose Charanga, but our passion and expertise stand out among the rest. Our team is committed to fulfilling each and every order on time and to your satisfaction. Above all we value quality, preparing everything in house for your special event, celebration or any other occasion. We aim to surpass all of your expectations so that the next time you host an event, we will be first on your mind.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Prepare and distribute ready-to-eat meals for people who work in government institutions, small, medium and large companies and that are required to cover any occasion or event.

We specialize in breakfasts, lunches, dinners or snacks, always ready to cover any food requirements you may have.

We are able to supply the amounts your business or institution requires, continual or temporary basis.



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